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K. Van Kramer

The Phobos Series


I am recently published with The Book Shepherd which is a community created for authors. URL:

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 I'm glad that I picked it up, the story pulls you into it and shows you what our future might be like since we'll already dealing with some of the stuff that is mentioned in her book. As I was reading it all I could think of is alot of this is all ready happening which is a scary thought to have. Her characters are very believable and I can actually see this as a TV show or movie. I can't wait to pick up the next book and see what happens.

Escape to Phobos is a good old-fashioned science fiction tale, full of adventure and hair-breadth escapes in the quest for the human future in deep space. Van Kramer's heroes are genetic scientists struggling to create new food sources for a starving human race at the apocalyptic start of the twenty-second century, an all-too-plausible scenario of runaway climate change and social collapse that is finally hitting America along with the rest of the world. 

I found Escape To Phobos to be highly addictive, leaving me thirsting for more. Van Kramer's characters are well developed, making it easy to become involved with the story and eager to turn the next page right up to the very last one. So when's the next one coming out? Highly recommended.





Book Nerdection  Genre  SCI-FI 

Escape To Phobos An Unpredictable But Realistic Sci-Fi

“Nerdection Worth To Read”


My Take on Escape To Phobos:


What I like about Escape to Phobos is its futuristic yet realistic plot. In hindsight, we all know that Earth is going slowly toward its doom. Climate changes, global warming, and earthquakes, though natural, are increasing day by day. By using problems that are already becoming prominent in real life, the writer did an amazing job of creating fiction that seems relatable.

I loved the future world-building. The way the houses are shown to be automated, the irises, body odor, and other scans all seemed to come straight out of a movie.

Lirren Lamaar was a brilliant character. She was optimistic, full of humanity, and emphatic. How she stood up against the bad is exemplary and she is a model to follow.

Her son, Logan, was a smart and relatable character too. His behavior and personality complimented him nicely. The way Logan wanted to reach the core of any problem, and solve it was what made his character likable. He was different from other teenagers as he seemed attached to his mother which I really adored.

The action in this book was quite easy to imagine due to the writer’s detailed narratives.

The suspense and how the story unfolds was keeping me hooked to the book.

The twists, how some people wanted to mess with the seeds for their own small gains, the way Xanders was there to handle things, Lirren’s role for Earth, and Logan’s research, all made this

book an absolute delight to read.

I also loved the unpredictability of the story. I look forward to reading the sequel of the book.

However, the sequence of the writing and the excessive details throw me off a bit while reading. It seemed one paragraph was narrating something about Lirren and the next told something about Logan which got me a bit confused at times. Nevertheless, the extraordinary plot, the predictableness, the living characters, and the uniqueness make up for it, and you become hooked!



MARCH 8, 2023




Born and raised in Wisconsin, my lifelong interest in art and science was fueled at a young age by my father and grandfather, both soil science experts. Later as I began writing my trilogy, I tied in some of my family history in agriculture to form the basis of my novels about human survival and future colonization of Mars.


I have a B.A. from the University of Florida in graphic design, and achieved five Addy awards, but later refocused my talents to writing.


Aside from design and writing, where I seek to unveil the mysteries of the universe and dream of the future, I spend my time with family.

News and Events

Upcoming Events

  • My first Comi-Con Sept. 10, 2017
    9200 113th St N, 9200 113th St N, Seminole, FL 33772, USA
    Comi-Cons are perfect events for me because its the right place to meet sci-fi fans. Pictured is me and a friend of mine - Merlyn.
  • Feb. 2018
    OE Book Fair, 420 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, USA
    Right before I left on vacation I was invited to a beautiful author event in Tampa.
  • Jun 03, 2022, 7:00 PM
    Barnes & Noble, 2501 Tyrone Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710, USA
    This was an author signing
  • Fri 13 May
    May 13, 2022, 7:00 PM GMT+2
    Sneek, Burgemeester Rasterhofflaan 1, 8606 KZ Sneek, Netherlands
    HSFCon was a new annual Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror convention on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 of May 2022. It was a weekend filled with panels, talks and presentations about anything that these genres have to offer us. The event was focused on fantasy and science fiction authors.


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SciFi Con

SciFi Con

A Great Show In Clearwater

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

An authors event

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

My books are on the shelf in St. Petersburg stores

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

An author signing event

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

An author signing event

Clearwater Sc-Fi Con

Clearwater Sc-Fi Con

Such a great show with a massive turn out.

HSFCon- Sneek

HSFCon- Sneek

A recent Con which focused on writers 2022

Vinoy Book Launch

Vinoy Book Launch

A fantastic turn out for my book launch in St. Petersburg

The Vinoy Hotel

The Vinoy Hotel

Book Launch Party

Sci-Fi Con

Sci-Fi Con

A Great Show In Clearwater

Vinoy Hotel

Vinoy Hotel

Book Launch

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